Data Center Services

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Data center services include all of hi-tech technology and facility-related components or activities that are highly efficient and support the projects and operation of a data center. A data center is well defined as a well-equipped infrastructure that facilitates clients for processing, storage, networking management and the allocation of data within an enterprise. Services from a data center can encompass any compute service such as data backup and archiving, managed e-mail, virtual server or cloud computing.

Types of data center services:

Support services: Technical support services for data centers are offered to address various challenges with the servers, storage, software and networking equipment.

Technical consulting services: Technical consulting services are one specific type of service that falls under the overall consulting services category. Technical consulting services proffer expert guidance on the application and adaption of technology and updated terminologies that can be fruitful for the business growth.

Outsourcing services: IT outsourcing occurs when one company avail services from a third party firm on contractual basis. Such IT services include the provision of disaster recovery, data storage or other IT functions like hosting, managing and maintenance of data.

Application services: An application service offers software-based services to other companies that access those services over a network. Services in this category can include applications for mobile environments and devices.


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