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Direct Attached Storage

Direct Attached Storage (aka DAS) is a digital storage unit that can be easily connected either to a PC or a server. In simple words, DAS is not a component of a storage network. The most accustomed instance of DAS is the internal hard drive in a laptop or desktop workstation. In general, DAS is used most frequently in reference to dedicated storage arrays which are connected directly to the servers.

However, it is quite different from other networked storage provisions, such as SAN and NAS devices.

The key benefits of DAS as compared to networked storage arrangements are: Simplicity and economical cost. Nevertheless, the installation of the networked storage systems, such as NAS and SAN devices, entails more strategic planning, as well as the procurement and deployment of network hardware, like routers and switches, apart from the right type of cabling and connections.

Perhaps, DAS is by default installed in almost all the personal computers and several servers these days. In case you want to add more direct attached storage, all you need to do is to buy a storage device and probably a cable.

In order to maintain DAS you don’t have to do get much worried about it, as it is also a very simple process. While, SAN and NAS provisions typically require not only periodic management of software, but also require monitoring software as well.


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