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Dolibarr ERP & CRM is a modern, flexible, free and easy to use open-source web software package designed primarily for small and mid-sized companies, foundations and freelancers among others. Dolibarr is an Open Source project base on a WAMP, MAMP or LAMP server. It is a feature rich ERP/CRM which inculcates different features for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) in addition to variety of features for different other activities. Users are given the option to manage and use it as a standalone application, or on a mutualised or dedicated server hosting to use it from any place of their liking and convenience to manage various aspects of their business like customers, invoices, agendas, stocks, orders, products, shipments, emails, etc.

This open source, free software package is capable of running on any platform like Linux, Mac, Windows, Mobile, etc. Dolibarr system is also available as SaaS (software as a service) application on ready to use Cloud services.

If your business is short on coherence and organization, but you cannot opt for expensive enterprise resource management customer relationship management tool, Dolibarr is probably the best bet for you.


As Mentioned Above, Dolibarr has an Extensive Range of Powerful Yet Simple to use Features. Some of the Important Ones are as Following:

• Commercial action management
• Standing orders management
• Bookmarks management
• Contact management
• Customers, Suppliers, and Prospects directory
• Contacts directory
• Payments management
• Data export tools
• Shipping management
• Donation management and many more

You also have the option of purchasing additional modules to enhance Dolibarr capabilities.


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