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Disaster Recovery As A Service

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is primarily useful for small and medium sized enterprises. These businesses may not have the required expertise for testing, configuring, and provisioning appropriate Disaster Recovery Plan. DRaaS also reduces the burden of investing in off-site disaster recovery platform. Details of specifications concerning DRaaS are usually written in Service Level Agreement. These can include objectives of recovery time as well as recovery point. Even in the event of complete shutdown, hosting service providers are in a better position to perform disaster recovery plan than the affected user. Changing business profiles make it imperative to have flexible DRaaS contracts. Disaster recovery as a service can be availed by entering into contract with service provider or on pay per use basis.

Which factors to consider when choosing a DRaaS?

1) Service level agreement: A service-level agreement creates an obligation on your service provider to offer a high level of service. This simply means they have to get your critical applications up and running within a predefined time if a disaster strikes. So, if there is an SLA, it is essential that you read the fine print before opting for the service.
2) Hidden Costs: As the cost of a DRaaS solution is highly variable, it is essential that you discuss with your prospective service provider if there are any additional charges you may be required to pay anytime down the line.
3) Automated Testing: Your DRaaS plan needs to include automated testing, carried out at least once every month to make sure the solution will work when a real disaster occurs.


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