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A cloud storage gateway is a smart hardware- or software-based appliance serves as a bridge between local applications and remote cloud-based storage. Such smart devices are also known as cloud storage appliances or cloud storage controllers.

In traditional concept, Online Cloud Storage systems and enterprise applications were facing the trouble of incompatibility between public cloud technologies and legacy applications. This brings the need of bridge between cloud storage and applications.

A cloud storage gateway is a physical or virtual appliance server which is located at the customer’s premises and performs basis protocol conversions and translations to ensure that technologies that are incompatible can seamlessly communicate with each other.

The need for such type of gateway arose to fill the incompatibility gap that exists between Cloud computing systems and enterprise applications. This incompatibility arose due to the difference in protocols followed by a public cloud storage system and existing applications.

Cloud gateway plays an important part in increasing the usage and popularity of cloud storage system by eliminating the concern of data security. Most of the time the data transferred through the gateway from the data centre to the cloud storage is encrypted to ensure maximum data security.

The disadvantage of transmitting data through the storage gateway is its slow speed. This is overcome to a significant extent by gateway storage through use of data deduping and compression. These two techniques enable efficient use of bandwidth and also help speed up data transfer rate.

With evolving technologies and new IT requirements, some vendors prefer to use the word ‘controller’ instead of ‘gateway’ to drive home the point that their gateway products perform more functions than just acting as a bridge.

A cloud storage gateway provides simple connectivity and basic protocol translation to enable the incompatible technologies to communicate with improved transparency. The gateway can make cloud storage available a NAS filer, a block storage array, a backup target or even an extension of the application itself.

Following are the features of Cloud Storage gateway product:

- Encryption technology for data security

- Compression and De-duplication

- WAN optimization for faster performance

- Snapshots

- Version control

- Data protection


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