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Cyber Security Standards

The concept of Cyber security standards has gained the attention of users recently in the market as more and more sensitive information is now frequently stored on computers. Therefore Information Assurance (IA) and security is required due to our increased dependence on computer.


Why cyber security standards are essential

Cyber security standards are essential to be instated in an organization. First, without any set standards the organizations would dictate the security the way they want. This could have jeopardized the security of the clients who have provisioned servers with the providers.

Third, the standards make it mandatory for all the participating firms to follow a defined set rule. This encourages a sense of competition among the firms that can then strive towards development. In the absence of these standards there would be no parameter to weigh which provider is more secure and which isn’t. So, to say, cyber standards make the system more transparent.


Cyber standards increase transparency of the system


Cyber standards certainly increase system transparency. It does so by following three ways –


    - By providing a method to gauge web server hosting providers in the same way.

    - By keeping a check and having the provider to comply with the rules and regulations laid down in the rulebook.

    - Denying certificate of clearance to entry-level firms that fail to follow the set guidelines.

It also makes the provider accept the responsibility of the loss legally. Under circumstances where the provider violates one or more terms, the client can sue him and demand that the client be provided with fungible compensation.


Where cyber security standards should be incorporated?

Everywhere. Cyber security standards should ideally be incorporated everywhere there are computers and concerns relating to data security.

In enterprises and government organizations, implementing cyber standards is critical. From enterprise’s standpoint, it is essential that the data be protected at all cost.

Entrepreneurial data is as important as client data. A small data breach can trigger a sequence of losses for the company to bear.


Organizations exempt from cyber security standards

Intelligence agencies and other national agencies that hold critical user data may be exempt from such laws. There are other organizations as well that are well beyond the scope of security standards.

However, all these organizations have one thing in common – they are all protected by federal laws.


Key Takeaways

Cyber security standards are basically considered as safety measures, which enable organizations to comply with and minimize the number of cyber security attacks. These guides suggest the general outlines along with the precise practices for enforcing cyber security. For certain level of standards, certification of cyber security by an accredited body can be obtained. As a matter of fact, cyber security standards are generally applicable to every organization regardless of their size and the industry or segment they operate in.


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