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Cloud-Based Grid Computing

What is meant by grid computing in cloud computing?

Cloud-based grid computing is normally referred to the utilization of computers in a public cloud service, or a hybrid of internally owned computers and public cloud in order to collectively accomplish large tasks, such as – derivative risk analysis, candidate drug screening and complex simulations.

Cloud and grid are new buzzwords in IT industry today, and are considered as two different and competing ideas. IT people differentiate these two terms from one another in their specific ways. Generally, grid computing uses various distributed hardware equipment to achieve common goals that need a high degree of processing and computing, such as – huge statistical research projects or the real-time collection of intricate data. Cloud-based grid computing brings together technologies from two domains into one

There has been a lot of debate within the industry on the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of computing. The general comprehension is that a grid computing, as a whole, can offer a high level of performance; whereas, a Cloud computing or other cloud computing systems can provide more scalability that will meet growing demand of your enterprise.

Cloud based grid computing will involve resources from distant machines to amalgamate into one platform. There has been a lot of debates whether combining grid computing in cloud computing would fetch desirable results. Grid computing, first of all, is modelled entirely in provisioning resources that are far too distant. Cloud computing, on the other hand, utilizes a cluster of web servers to its advantage.

Cloud based grid computing seemed to have fulfilled its temporary goal and is most often used by terminals willing to establish a private cloud network while being far apart from one another.

A cloud-based grid computing may involve several hardware elements working together on large / volumetric projects, on a public cloud hosting platform. A grid computing is normally used by large scale organizations and government institutions, whereas a cloud computing is preferred by medium-sized organizations.


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