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Cloud Application Portability

Cloud application portability is the ability to move applications and data from one Cloud computing environment to another. It can be done without any major disruption. The migration can also be made from one cloud hosting provider to another or from a public cloud to a private cloud and vice-versa.


Why is cloud application portability needed?

As your business grows, your need for a more robust cloud environment will grow too. Moreover, increased traffic on your server and the need to switch to a better and cheaper cloud provider is another reason why you should make cloud application portable.

Without a portable application, you will need to rewrite all the codes for your applications. It is better to create a single, sturdy application, keeping in mind all the rules of cloud application portability.

A portable application will perform as well on a new platform as it did in the previous platforms. Thus, you can save a handsome amount of time that you would have spent in recreating the same application.

The service is usually demanded by consumers when they have to change to a new provider to deal with price increase, poor service issues or when there is a risk of compromise of [data security]. Cloud applications portability requires interoperability among cloud providers. Your new service provider must have the infrastructure and the capability to provide same environment as your previous cloud server provider.


Cloud application portability is important because of the following reasons –

    - It helps save time

    - It helps save cost and man hours.

    - It makes cloud applications more usable

    - A single application can be used on different platforms.

    - It ensures the same level of engagement regardless of the underlying architecture.


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