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Cloud based networking

Cloud based networking is a computing technology that provides network connectivity between the IT resources and applications in a cloud environment. It does not require any hardware deployment and requires only an internet connection thus taking away any major capital investment on hardware infrastructure. It is a very cost-effective, scalable solution and looks to enhance the performance efficiency in an organization. It is easy and simple to deploy across multiple locations within a matter of few minutes and can offers centralized control. It functions are similar to the software-as-a service (SaaS) model and follows the same procedure of pay-as-you-use with monthly or yearly subscriptions


Cloud-based networking examples


Following are the technologies that deploy cloud based networking –

    - Google cloud

    - Dropbox

    - Google Drive

    - Amazon Web services


Advantages of cloud based networking

Accessibility – cloud based networking allows for easy accessibility. Cloud hosting services, being internet based services, can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Cost – since you are not setting up infra, you are saving huge costs. The premier-most benefit of cloud networking is that is helps save cost.

Management – cloud services are as much as ten times easier to manage than physical servers. The entire backend is managed and configured by the provider, thus allowing clients to focus on frontend development.

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