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Cloud OS

Understanding the differences

Cloud OS, sometimes referred to as Cloud (Operating System), is unlike the clouds you must have read about. A cloud server is an online resource pool that helps users perform tasks without configuring hardware in-house. A Cloud OS (operating system) is instead a platform that enables hardware and software to function together and deliver outputs to programs.

Think of Cloud OS as an ordinary operating system. Just as Windows or Ubuntu on your desktop helps ease things, Cloud OS helps ease the working of Virtual Machines.

Virtual Machines are but computers that have been installed in a third-party location. Unlike a laptop that you can physically touch, virtual machines only offer you processing capabilities.

While it might sound as fascinating as to why one would opt for a computer that cannot be touched or seen, one must note that it helps save real-estate.

CloudOS on Virtual Machines (VM)

Server administrators prefer light OS against a buffed up operating system because the minimalist the system, the better it loads and runs. Though these operating systems continue to become more and more advanced, admins still stick to those that offer the bare minimum.

Advantages of Cloud OS for VM

Businesses that serve millions of customers worldwide have aimed at minimizing boot-up time to its lowest possible limit. Despite trying hard with Windows and open-source Linux, the boot time had had no improvement whatsoever.

The Advantages of Cloud OS Are as Follows:

- Reduce the cost and alleviate the hassle of operating data centers at scale

- Expose insights from any data regardless of size and format

- Leverage employees, clients and partners to work together through any Internet-enabled device

- Manage all your business-related tasks while on the move.

Though post-Windows 8 releases have significantly improved their start-up time, the OS remained as bulky as ever. The premier-most advantage of Cloud OS is that they boot in no time.

Users can boot it as one stand OS or boot into the main OS quickly, based on their requirements and taste. 

Cloud OS’s Role in Business Expansion

Of late, cloud OS plays a vital role in business expansion as it leverages IT resources to drive more efficiently and deliver new types of value. The cloud OS perfectly blends on-premises solutions with a virtual environment to generate a hybrid, highly-responsive, and easy to get solutions.

Best Cloud Operating Systems

This list would have been endless, so we have resorted to citing only top 3 cloud OS that we thought were worth mentioning –

Amoeba OS

Amoeba is only a general-purpose OS that takes a collection of VMs and works as a single integrated system. 

It should be perceived as a collaborating system that combines all the resources into a single OS.

Slap OS

Probably the most popular cloud OS after Amoeba, Slap OS is another kind of OS that deploys simple language to manage and provision OS. Slap OS provides with nodes and master that can then be incorporated in the processed driving 3 or 4 use cases to effectively distribute cloud resources.


EyeOS is more known for its web OS that offers file and application management tools so robust that all the details can be customized to suit the requirements. Coders mostly use it to design web applications in PHP and XML. 


It is interesting to note that the cloud OS is compatible with android, iPhone and iPad apart6 from your computer and allows you connect to different Cloud Storage Services. Moreover, it is featured with unlimited storage space for storing huge chunks of files, photos, videos and more. It also carries basic email tools like Calendar, Notes, Text editor, Presentation maker, etc., which are essential for executing business-related paperwork. The web world is home to various cloud OS products with different features and capabilities. All you need is to choose an OS based on your needs.


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