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Cloud Bandwidth

Bandwidth basically determines how much data can be transferred through your network at a time; it therefore affects time taken for uploading or downloading data from the cloud. Although cloud storage is being aggressively marketed as being cost-effective and secure, users must deal with the question of how much bandwidth is optimum for their business. How much time businesses need to move data is what cloud bandwidth is all about.

The importance of optimizing app usage

Transferring files to and from online cloud storage is both a technical and cost-related concern. If you transmit too many files, you might not have enough bandwidth left to download the files at a later date.

Without proper considerations to network and app-usage, cloud computing is bound to cause bottlenecks. You’d then be struggling with not only transport delays and issues but also financial crisis, and your cloud budget is likely to overshoot.

Think how much data do you have? Are all the files essential enough to have a backup. There could be data that won’t cause you any trouble even if it gets lost. Keep a track of all the data that you have.

Imagine if all the data is uploaded to the network at once, reckon the stress your network is likely to bear in that case. Even if the network is able to handle the load, you would have, by now, lost a big portion of the bandwidth allotted to you.

What is cloud bandwidth?

In layman’s terms, bandwidth is the inbound and outbound data transfer you are allowed to make both to and from the cloud server. Remember, some providers may account for incoming data the same way that they account for outgoing data. So it is essential to peruse your cloud plan before buying.

There are techniques that can help reduce bandwidth strain. Some of these techniques are –

    - Limiting data in the funnel at a time

    - Cloud load balancing

    - Deduplication or elimination of redundancy

    - Compression methods

Cost is always the winner

You can pay higher amount to be able to enjoy more. You will then be able to upload more files in less time.

Else, you would also agree that lower bandwidths bottleneck operations. In today’s scenario time is money, especially for the ecommerce websites. If you are an enterprise, you should ideally be dealing with huge bandwidth except if you agree to a lower bandwidth and suffer immensely huge downtime.

To raise productivity your aim should be a bandwidth that can successfully cater to the requirements of your business. When users and employees can access data quickly, the cloud become the boon fulfilled for the business. In all the cases otherwise, it will only cause the employees to work way below their productivity level.

As an organization, you should aim to only procure infra that aids productivity instead of destroying it. This is especially true for businesses where they send enormous amounts of data to cloud servers. Bandwidth can play a critical role, in not allowing the productivity to dip below its threshold.

Some organizations are not very particular regarding what technology they use, and almost always prefer low-cost solutions over everything else. Such organizations might save them money upfront but are bound to lose money indirectly in the form of productivity and operational capability.

According to a research, businesses that deployed a high-bandwidth connection compensated the cost with added productivity in the long run.


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