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Computer Architecture

Computer architecture refers to the design and operational structure of computers. First of all, there is no such thing as standard computer architecture. Usually, computer architecture includes three main categories by default, which are as follows:

Instruction set architecture or ISA, can be defined as an abstract model of a Cloud computing system that is seen by a machine language programmer including the instruction set, memory address modes, processor registers, and address and data formats.

Micro-architecture is also known as Computer organization of a lower level. It is a detailed description of sufficient system that describes the operation of all parts of the computing system. How the parts are inter-connected and operate in order to implement the ISA.

System Design refers to all of the other hardware components within a computing system such as system interconnecting components like computer buses and switches, memory controllers, hierarchies and CPU off-load mechanisms such as direct memory access.


Why should computers have different architectures?

Different users use computers for different things. A scientist might look for a different build than a gamer. Because of immensely different demand, it is not wise to build computer with a single architecture type. Though each of the architectures is able to run programs from other architecture, it is not so all the time. Computer programs are build keeping in mind the architecture to which they are coded to run. Typically, when the architecture undergoes a change, the applications will have to be updated as well.


What is computer architecture?

Computer engineering defines architecture as a set of rules that define the organization, implementation and functionality of computer systems. Some define computer architecture as the combined capability of the hardware and programmable modules to achieve what the computer has been solely developed to achieve.


What is the purpose with which computer architecture is described?

Computer architecture concerns with harmonizing cost, power efficiency, performance, and reliability of a computer system. The instruction set architecture, that sends instructions to the various components, can help us to exemplify this extraordinarily achievable balance of the factors stated above.

A more intricate instruction sets can be adopted to permit coders to design more efficient programs. A single instruction can be used to encode both low and high-level abstraction (such as the x86 Loop instruction). However, the lengthier and more complex the instructions become, longer will it take to decode and carry out instructions to effectively implement programs. The complexity will increase from a large instruction set, creating more problems, meanwhile the codes can fail to work as expected and would interact in ways unexpected.


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