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Growing Demand for Green Web Technology

One might definitely agree to the fact Internet is an integral part of our lives, but have you ever wondered how much power do these web hosting servers consume to drive web pages? An appropriate answer to this question is that hosting of millions of websites on the Internet consumes a substantial amount of energy. Read more>>

SSD Caching v/s SSD Storage

The term SSD Caching and SSD Storage have become technology buzzwords today. What are they all about? SSD caching and SSD Storage sound as similar terms and people do get confused, taking both of them as synonyms for each other. This blog attempts to clear the misconception by taking a look at both SSD Caching Read more>>

Which Is More Expensive : Dedicated Servers Or Cloud Hosting

Prior to the emergence of Cloud, dedicated servers were the only available options among those who wish to have robust functionality, power-packed compute, and high security for their business-critical applications. The Cloud emergence has turned the coin. This robust and decades old hosting solution is now being compared by the evolving Cloud. Research conducted by Read more>>

What is Right For Your Business : VPS or An Emerging Cloud

For business-critical applications and website there’re a number of hosting options available in the market. How much visitor traffic is expected to visit your website and what applications you will run – helps in confabulating, which hosting platform will deem fit for your business operations.  However, a mystifying situation is witnessed by those who are Read more>>

Is Database Hosting A Right Business Approach

From a startup business to a small online venture and big corporate entities, right management of their business-critical databases is indubitably essential. Each day, heavy volume of data is generated by the companies, which is growing in leaps and bounds. This data seeks astute professional approach to get effectively managed, monitored and updated. Can you Read more>>

Points to Consider When Choosing a Professional Web Host

Investing precious money in quality services with astute analysis is undeniably a profitable avail. Quality web hosting services design and accordingly connote the success story of the hosted business website. Here are a few imperative parameters that you need to count on when selecting a host for your websites: –Reliability: For business continuity, it is imperative Read more>>

Xen or OpenVZ VPS Hosting to Boost Business Performance Diameter

Across the IT world, virtualization is one of the emerging techniques accorded by many of the businesses to curb server sprawl, boost resource utilization, and to taper off outstripping IT costs.  Forging ahead, virtualization technologies are edging VPS's with performance altitudes, giving full customization, and administration capabilities to the site owners. Root access, resource obligations Read more>>

Cloud vs Dedicated Server Hosting

Ever wonder why businesses these days are talking about Cloud Server instead of age old Dedicated Server. During the early days of Internet when technologies like virtualization did not come like into being ‘Dedicated Server’ was considered to be a highly valuable service. Data centers used to either offer Shared Hosting & Dedicated Hosting Service Read more>>