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Importance of Securing Mission Critical Resource of Your Web Server

There can’t be any two opinions about significance of securing a web server since it the single most important support to keep maintain online presence of any business. Hence implementation of multiple security measures is an important function of an enterprise that depends on performance of its web applications for its own survival. Importance of Read more>>


Google Plays a Significant Role in Empowerment of HTTPs Enabled Sites

Thanks to the exponential rise in number of cyber attacks over the recent past, there is a definite shift to greater website security by adopting multiple measures. Moving to HTTPs encryption is one of the most prominent security measures are being implemented by security conscious website owners. Knowing the basics Before we discuss the most Read more>>


Key Indicators that Demand use of WAF for Enterprise Data Protection

Prevention of data Protection intrusion attempts that result in data leaks is the most vital objective of any organization’s security strategy. According to some reliable studies, eight out of ten hackers can break into a system within less than sixty seconds. This sounds extremely uncomfortable because a cyber attack is similar to cancer that spreads to Read more>>


Key Aspects of Web Application Firewalls that Should Never be Ignored

Interesting aspect of any technological development is it encompasses and influences all types of users including those who are qualified beneficiaries and also the people with criminal mindset. Internet technology can be an ideal example of this since it is also helping cyber criminals in addition to a vast population of website owners who are Read more>>


What Problems Can Surface From Similar Content on Multiple Sites?

According to a renowned Google Expert Mueller, many websites having the same IP does not really pose a problem. What however causes problems is when many sites have the same content. The problem came to the fore when discussions started to find out possible reasons why there could be a drop in web traffic when Read more>>


Considerations for choosing a suitable Web Application Firewall

With the deployment of a strong web application firewall, one can be ensured and secured for critical web applications wherever they reside such as within a virtual software-defined data center (SDDC), managed cloud service environment, a public cloud, or traditional data center. A powerful WAF solution contributes towards organizations to protect against OWASP top ten Read more>>


Important Tips for Selection of Hosted Email Services

The digital age has opened a large spectrum of opportunities for entrepreneurs in terms of online marketing, payment processing, and internet enabled communications such as email. The main focus of all online activities must be aimed at establishing a robust and legitimate identity of business. This brings us to adoption of unique email address which Read more>>

Colocation Hosting Myths and Misconceptions

It is sometimes necessary to clear doubts as well as misconceptions that may be harming a good concept. It is really a pity that colocation is one of such concepts that is unduly being misrepresented and unfortunately being misunderstood in spite of its great potential to serve as an effective resource for business growth. In Read more>>

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How your website can deliver value to your business

Your website is the external face of your business. For many people, that’s all they know about your company. Therefore a lot of their decision to buy your product/service would depend largely on the experience they encounter on your website. As such, businesses should make all kind of efforts to provide an excellent user experience Read more>>


Establishing Business Variance With Green Web Hosting Services

Every business website these days comes attached with a carbon footprint. Every server which hosts a webpage draws energy from a grid. The energy requirement of this grid is drawn out of energy pools. Such energy inlets are derived out of non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels. For the records, each web hosting server emits Read more>>

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Some Tricks To Boost The Performance Of Your WordPress Website

Squished images, minified CSS, plug-in caches and squatted JavaScript, you have tried them all. I can picture it and I assume that your WordPress website just doesn’t seem to speed up! If that’s the case, then it’s high time you had signed up for a good CDN service. CDN is the short form for content Read more>>

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How to Save Your Blog from a Bad Web Hosting?

It hardly matters how much knowledge you have about web hosting or how much you do research before purchasing the right web hosting. Chances are there that you may end up selecting the wrong web hosting provider and wrong web hosting. Sometimes it happens that once you hired the hosting service, then you get to Read more>>


Avail Seamless Connectivity Through Email Hosting

In today’s world, geographical diversity does not hinder business operations. Thanks to e-mail hosting, teams within companies stay connected at every hour; onsite and offshore employees communicate through such advanced e-mail services. In order to cater to the needs of such well-spread out businesses, there are several hosting options available in the market. One popular Read more>>


Cloud Vs Shared Web Hosting : Which One Is Better ?

Web hosting services have become a viable aspect for the businesses that run online. Be it a small set-up company or an IT behemoth, every business requires a strong and enduring online presence to vie and gain edge over their competitors. Flourishing e-commerce industry has played an instrumental role in reviving the way product and Read more>>

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Web Hosting Services Changing the Orbit of Businesses With Its Intuitive Characteristics

Acquaintance with  the first-layered web hosting service providers is not always fortuitously. People who are into this industry can better comprehend the gravity of all-feature encompassing web hosting services. Availability of multitude web hosts may spawn a mystifying plight for anyone who is looking forward to set-up his online business or those who are passing Read more>>