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How your website can deliver value to your business

Website HostingYour website is the external face of your business. For many people, that’s all they know about your company. Therefore a lot of their decision to buy your product/service would depend largely on the experience they encounter on your website. As such, businesses should make all kind of efforts to provide an excellent user experience to visitors of a website. This can be achieved by multiple measures which we will discuss later in this blog, easy navigation being one of them.

In their quest for customer, many organizations, invest in paid advertisements and Search Engine Marketing solutions, forgetting to ensure a good user experience to the visitors arriving at their websites. I fail to understand spending precious resources on paid advertisements to bring visitors to a website wherein customers are unable to even understand or locate your products or services.

Through this blog, I attempt to point out some of the key reasons for the failure of a website. However the list of factors mentioned here is not exhaustive:

Incompetent & Intricate Designing: No matter how big or small your business is, you need to understand who will be your target audience and how your services are going to address their necessities. Once you have gleaned information about your intended customers, ensure that the design of your website and content is at par with the collected demographics. For example, if you are targeting youth, choosing bright colors, catchy headlines followed by some good images will help in generating interest in them to revisit your website. On the other hand, if you are targeting old age group, try to ensure that it has lager font size, soothing color composition, and simple images. Moreover, don’t mess up with the design and ensure easy navigation for them.

Baffling Navigation: Well, it’s obvious that if a visitor is coming to your website he/she is seeking some information, and if that information is not mentioned there or if that is spread across different web pages, then the confusion is obvious. The chances are that they will turn up to your competitor’s website and won’t visit your site again.

That’s why it is essential that your landing page clearly expresses about you and your offered services. You can guide users by placing links to your website that indicate how the users can proceed. Moreover, don’t ever place a dead link to your website because when a user clicks on that link and gets directed to non-existing or empty page, then it not only annoys them but also leaves a bad impression about your business. Ensure that your site doesn’t have any such links at all as the experts believe that this is one of the reasons why a website fails to deliver required throughput.

Increased Page Loading Time:  I have mentioned several time in my blogs that slow website speed not only puts your business out of the search engine rankings, but also raises a question on your credibility. Placing too many images or videos makes your website slow to load. Users do not return to the sites that take more time to load.

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Abrupt or Unpleasant Call to Action (CTA): According to experts, all web pages of the website should contain a clear call to action. The pages where CTA is not present make users confused about what their next course of action should be. It is recommended never leave your end-users to ponder.

Highly-Intricate Checkout Process: It’s good that your website has convinced your users to buy your offered product/service. Once they click on the buy button and get stuck in between owing to complex checkout process, what will they do? In this case, they will abandon your site and move to your rival’s platform. Thus, it is important that your website has simple yet reliable checkout process which is free from all the technical gotchas.

Non-engaging or low quality content: Your responsibility doesn’t get over with designing and website hosting. These are the basics that you cannot skip to start your online journey. You can’t overlook relevance of content. Content is the king and one of the biggest driving factors behind impressive page rankings. It is important that you put rich, engaging, and simple content on your website. Plus, don’t ever copy the content from anywhere and slap it on your website as it will have negative impact on your website.

Responsive Web Design: Last but not the least, a website that is not mobile-friendly has lesser chances to deliver in today’s digital climate as a lot of people are using their smart-phones for transactions. If you website doesn’t open well on mobile devices, you can’t think making most of your business.

A report by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. predicts that retail mobile commerce sales will increase 39.1% to $415 billion in 2016. Moreover, it will rise 24.4% to $516 billion in the year 2017, and reach approximately $626 billion in 2018.

Don’t you think that having an online presence has become a mandate for all – right from mega-cap companies to small scale ventures?  If you are looking out for any website hosting solution or have queries, feel free to connect.

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