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When there are so many options for hosting, what should you choose!

Part 1

Aah! I get confused with so many sites flooded with offers for hosting. At times, I really get confused of what to choose for. More options and competition among hosting providers is always good for the customer as it brings forth more competitive and better options. While, there can be so much we can tell you but to keep things precise we will discuss this by dividing entire gamut of hosting services in 5 major parts, which are as follows:

  1. Dedicated Server Hosting
  2. VPS Hosting
  3. Email Hosting Services
  4. Cloud Hosting Services
  5. Shared Hosting Services

Let’s discuss part 1 of the series today:

Dedicated Hosting Services:

As the name suggests, Dedicated Server Hosting services include the provisioning of Dedicated Server for your needs. At the time of choosing Dedicated Server services,your provider will facilitate you with dedicated resources for your application. Several questions must be striking your mind now, like:

–  What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

–  How is it different from cloud and VPS Hosting?

–  Why should I choose Dedicated Server?

–  What thing should I keep in mind while selecting the Dedicated Service provider?

–  How will dedicated Server benefit me or what are the pros and cons of Dedicated Server?

–  How should to know which Dedicated Server would be needed by my business?

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is in reference to provisioning of Dedicated Server based on your needs. Basically, web host provider would dedicate server for you in its data center solely for your use with absolutely no sharing. You may choose the various options of Dedicated Servers provided by Data Centers and hosting companies depending on your requirements.

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How is it different from Cloud and VPS Hosting?

This is a really good question and most of the timepeople get confused here.When you also get full access (root access) in VPS and in cloud scenario, how should anybody spot difference from Dedicated hosting. Well here’s the answer of your confusion.

–  There is absolutely no virtualization whereas Cloud and VPS moves on virtualization technology.

–  You are the owner of your hardware and completely govern it

–  You can ask your service provider to add HDD, change RDD configuration, ad RAM or attach any third party hardware, which is not possible with VPS and Cloud.

–  Dedicated Server can be used for virtualization,which will not be possible with VPS and Cloud

–  Upgrading or downgrading Dedicated requires addition of or deletion of hardware whereas VPS/Cloud scenario does not.

–  You are not sharing resources with anyone in case of Dedicated hosting while VPS /Cloud works on sharing phenomena. Plus, it gives space to play around here while that is not possible with Dedicated Server.

There can be many other differences as well but the aforementioned would be the major ones to count.

Why Should I Choose Dedicated Server?

There are several of the reasons for you choosing Dedicated Server. Few of them are mentioned as below:

–  You need full control of server

–  You need dedicated resources for your applications

–  You would know how much load your application will take

–  You will be certain that your about major application upgrade or downgrade with constant load

–  You don’t want any sharing of resources

–  You expect full performance

–  You would be aware of your budget and wouldn’t want any fluctuation or hefty bills

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What things should I keep in mind while selecting the Dedicated Hosting Service provider?

This is an important question. It is very crucial that you choose your service provider and for that you need to work with constant vigilance.You should be making the right choice only after proper due diligence:-

–  Check out the track record of the company

–  Check whether the provider is a Data Center or just a hosting company. Data center can provide you with better prices, services, and more reliability.

–  Check for the support system of provider

–  Ask for Escalation matrix

–  Check how many severs do they have in their Data Center and which will help you understand about the strength of provider

–  Check how much uptime they can promise and their SLA’s

–  Check what certification do they have like ISO 9001:2008; ISO 270001:2005 for security standards, etc.

–  Check how much data transfer they promise. More is good always as some provider may sell cheap server may charge you for Data Transfer

–  Check their billing methods

–  Check their credentials like client list

–  Most importantly, if eve is there than the one who provides better pricing should be preferred

–  Ask for Managed Server and negotiate this initially.

How will dedicated Server benefit me or what are the pros and cons of Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Server will provide you more reliability over the shared hosting account and complete control of your server, which will help you manage things more smartly and efficiently.


–  Root Access of the server

–  Dedicated resources for your applications

–  Zero sharing of resources

–  Best management of website traffic, portal, etc.

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–  Full quality performance with high speed

–  Less fluctuation in budgets and bills


–  You cannot upgrade or downgrade it as swiftly as you can do with VPS/Cloud

–  Management of Server including security remains your responsibility

–  In case of hard disk drive failure without backup you may end up in a trouble

–  You’re not helping environment, how? Choosing Dedicated Server gives you a resource dedicatedly even when you use or not. While, in case of VPS/Cloud you are more on shared environment and hence saving of energy losses, resources needed to build server etc. therefore helping environment.

–  Any upgrade or downgrade may consume time. Major downgrading may require movement of complete data, which may not be easier.

How to know which Dedicated Server would be needed by my business?

Sizing of Dedicated Server is often a big issue and has to be done quite cautiously. You need to discuss your requirements quite clearly with your developer and on the basis of which you plan this properly. Keep following things in mind:

–  How much processing, RAM and HDD you may need now and in coming 12 months

–  Check how much traffic is expected and if one server can handle your needs properly

–  Check if your application would require more CPU intensive functioning or not

–  Check if you’ll have traffic, which is static or needs database processing. Divide the traffic needs. If the need is for more processing which is required in case of dynamic website which has Database requirements you should prefer Quad Core Xeon processor.

–  Check which machine and its durability offered by provider.

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