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Is Database Hosting A Right Business Approach

From a startup business to a small online venture and big corporate entities, right management of their business-critical databases is indubitably essential. Each day, heavy volume of data is generated by the companies, which is growing in leaps and bounds. This data seeks astute professional approach to get effectively managed, monitored and updated.

Can you imagine your company’s growth and streamlined processes – without least bothering to database management? No! Exactly. How fluently and smartly your data or critical information is handled, the ongoing operations gets streamlined and smooth. At this point of time, database hosting service providers pitch in. They provide support for numerous databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, and Pervasive PSQL.

Hosting the essential databases in the same physical location as the applications and website promotes quick data search, synchronization, and retrieval. For efficient database hosting, you need to host your databases in a right physical location clubbed with adequate data retrieval mechanism.

Let’s dig a little deeper to know how cogent database hosting services can help your business:

Data Integrity: Breakthrough techniques and tools are used to protect your database against vulnerabilities. Plus, the experienced DBAs will create, configure, and install database instances ensuring your data integrity remains intact.

Monitoring: With database hosting, the experts will apply holistic approach towards your mission-critical data by performing database memory monitoring, space monitoring, and performance monitoring. Apart from monitoring database, comprehensive analysis, planning, tuning, and troubleshooting is also done to ensure its availability.

Backups: Database hosting services also comes with data backup facility. Backup and recovery operations are performed on a daily or weekly basis. Including this, transaction logs are maintained.

Enhanced Security: For business continuity, it is essential that your databases remain up and running. The hosting provider creates database logins, roles and performs database upgrades, updates, and security patches to the DB engine.

On the top of that, availing database hosting services slash down your expenditure on database infrastructure and maintenance, allowing your IT professionals to focus on core-business imperatives.

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