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Disaster Recovery is an optimal provision, policy and a method that an organization employs to recover access of their software, mission-critical data, and hardware that are required to resume the performance of normal, crucial business tasks after the event of either a natural catastrophe or disruptive happenings caused by humans activities.

While Disaster Recovery provisions offered by the service providers primarily focuses on bridging the gap where data, software, or hardware have been either impaired or lost, one should not overlook the dynamic element of manpower that comprises much of any organization.

An unexpected outbreak of fire can predominantly shake your vital data storage. On the other, even the spread of a rampant illness can adversely hit your employees’ health. In both the cases, you need to take into consideration the repercussions while creating the disaster recovery plan.

Disaster Recovery Plans are basically an integral part of the wide spectrum practice known as Business Continuity Planning. But, make sure that the team of your key professionals should be well versed with the DR plans so that they are able to take up the right action in any incidence of unexpected catastrophe. These plans must also be flexible and regularly updated, for instance, if new employee joins the company, a branch office is added, or new hardware or software is installed, then all these things should be taken into consideration and integrated into the organization's disaster recovery plan.


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