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When we speak of database, it is nothing but a collection of data. It is a collection of tables, queries, schemes, views, reports and other objects. The data is organized in a way in which to typically model salient aspects of reality so that processes that require information can be supported. Examples could be modeling the trend of room availability in hotels in a manner in which one can find a hotel that has available rooms.

A computer software application that manages a collection of databases is known as a database management system. It is a computer application that interacts with similar application as well as the database for analyzing and capturing data. There are general purpose DBM systems which are designed for allowing creation, definition, querying, update, creation and administration as well as analyzing of databases. A database may not be transferrable across the different management systems. However, different management systems can operate among themselves by the usage of standardized options such as JDBC, ODBC and SQL. This allows a single operation to be functional with a collection of database management systems.

Access to data is provided by means of the DBMS that has been engaged for managing all the databases.


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