Data Availability

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Data availability is referred to by most computer storage makers or SSPs to speak about the services and products which guarantee that the data continues to be accessible and available at an optimal level at all times. The two most popular approaches to ensuring data availability are SAN or Storage Area Network and NAS or Network Attached Storage. So, data availability basically implies how available information is when it is in a stored form like the remote data storage in an external storage media.

Data availability is usually used for understanding how reliable the data is for people who are trying to access it and it is expressed as “uptime”. It is very important for computer users and businesses besides being a prime selling point for the data backup firms. It is viewed as a proof of reliability for enterprises which offer data storage facilities to businesses. Hardware which is made use of in an external data storage center has to be reliable and should not ideally be prone to crashes and corruption. When you have multiple systems containing the same data, these can be used simultaneously for data access by multiple users. So, there is no strain on any one system. This kind of redundancy guarantees data availability when there is loss of data in any one system and makes the system very dependable even when there is an emergency.


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