Cloud Sourcing

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Cloudsourcing is an arrangement wherein an organization pays a cloud hosting service provider for carrying out services that could be provided in-house. Even if, Cloudsourcing is very much similar to outsourcing, costing of cloud services is usually based on a per-use utility model, rather than charging on monthly or annual basis.

Cloudsourcing facilitates businesses to procure their entire IT infrastructure from a cloud, smooth integration with any platform, and it doesn’t require any management overhead. If industry experts is to be believed - Cloudsourcing is the future of cloud computing and businesses. Irrespective of their size, organizations in large number are looking to the cloud to meet all their IT requirements.

With the emergence of cloud computing and the growing flexibility of various products and services provided under this technology, it has become easier to offer a cloud-as-service-solution that breaks many of the previous barriers in terms of platform interoperability, scalability and cost.

Virtually every IT requirement can be sourced on a utility computing billing model with solutions such as – raw computing power, network, storage, software or a comprehensive enterprise IT solution. Typically, Cloudsourcing services are vertical, cloud-in-a-box solutions that are well-designed to meet a particular business segment’s IT requirement.