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How to Move a WordPress Shared Hosting Account to a Cloud Server with Zero Downtime

Flourishing business segments vociferously forecasts the potential of leading cloud technology and its applicability in today’s fast-paced economy. Commencing operations on shared hosting platform is incontrovertibly measured as a less-headache, low-cost, and low-priced substitute. However, this alternative comes with a few inadequacies, demanding a more fledged way to answer vigorous business swings. Prior moving ahead, Read more>>


Difference between Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting Explained

It is of utmost importance for an individual or organization to choose their hosting solutions with care and consideration. There are many different types of hosting options available and an organization or an end user must properly understand the difference between shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting to choose a type of hosting that Read more>>


Significance of Hardware Specification in Dedicated Server Hosting

When it comes to approaching a web hosting vendor and opting for any of the plans such vendors offer, most enterprise customers don’t pay heed to the hardware their websites are going to be hosted on. For the most part, the significance of hardware is overshadowed by the contribution of software that is running your Read more>>


Gain Complete Control of Your Business with a Dedicated Server Hosting Option

Venturing into online business means you must keep your products or services accessible anytime and from anywhere. In simple words, the online business is shaped with a website for transaction and as a result, you wish to empower your website to upload and download applications at a very fast pace. The reason you want your Read more>>


Cloud Vs Shared Web Hosting : Which One Is Better ?

Web hosting services have become a viable aspect for the businesses that run online. Be it a small set-up company or an IT behemoth, every business requires a strong and enduring online presence to vie and gain edge over their competitors. Flourishing e-commerce industry has played an instrumental role in reviving the way product and Read more>>

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Is Cloud Hosting a Better Option Than Shared Hosting?

The world of web hosting has changed the face of traditional business strategies. Be it a small set-up company or a global giant, web hosting services have immense importance for all. The ease and convenience of reaching to global market is making the hosting solutions more demanding every day. Significantly, with strong online presence, your Read more>>


Advantages of VPS Hosting Over Shared Server Hosting

While planning to host your website, it is of paramount importance to select an adequate web hosting option. You can host your website by availing any of the web hosting plans, such as shared hosting, VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting. This blog will take you to the two hosting solutions: – Shared Hosting and Read more>>


Explore the world of shared hosting!

Part 5 After so many interesting segments, we have reached our last part of discussion on Shared Hosting – counted as a best choice for beginners. The name itself is quite explanatory. There are many other advanced solutions like dedicated, VPS etc.  Also available in the market, but Shared hosting has its own specialty and Read more>>

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Cloud Hosting: Another Advanced Hosting Solution

Part 4 Ready to start with another advanced discussion… Here we go… Cloud hosting is a quite broad and advanced term to define. If we take the most generic form, then cloud is considered as the connected servers that allow a website to process with the power of many servers. A website hosted on cloud Read more>>