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WordPress Differences: Beginners Guide

WordPress Differences: Beginners Guide

It is interesting to know that and are not alike at all, especially where user control over site is concerned. WordPress has been around for more than ten years as a popular CMS. Using the WordPress it is easy to create blogs and then adorn it with preferred themes. However, when you choose Read more>>

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Tips to Start a WordPress Website in 5 Minutes

WordPress comes to your mind first when you think of launching a website or blog. This is because this content management system is extremely easy to use and you can even get it from web hosting providers through a one-click installation. So, it is indeed possible to get started with a WordPress site in as Read more>>

Right Approach for Evaluation of WordPress and Joomla CMS

Right Approach for Evaluation of WordPress and Joomla CMS

It is not unusual to find websites that are supported by content management systems. In fact, majority of contemporary websites are built by using CMS including WordPress or Joomla. These options help you build exactly the same website that is anticipated by you. However the decision to select the right CMS for your needs is Read more>>

Increasing WordPress Site Speeds Using 10 Easy Tricks

Increasing WordPress Site Speeds Using 10 Easy Tricks

Since the popularity of WordPress amongst businesses have grown, it is also important to ensure that the page loading speed of such sites is high. Unfortunately, loading speeds for most WordPress websites have been found to be slow. The goal is therefore to make the site both SEO friendly and user-friendly at the same time. Read more>>

Right Hosting for WordPress – Choosing from Shared, VPS, Dedicated or Cloud

Multiplicity in types of hosting can make the job of finding the right option to host a WordPress site quite overwhelming. However the sheer variety of options facilitates choice of an appropriate solution that perfectly matches your requirements. Although one’s own Linux based server can nicely cater to your WordPress requirements. However, it may be Read more>>


Tips To Migrate Your WordPress Website To A New Server Host Securely And Painlessly

Thinking of changing your website hosting service? You are not the first one. Companies are known to change their hosting service providers for issues related to performance, support and pricing. If you are planning to change your website host and doing it for the first time, it is natural to have some apprehensions in your Read more>>


Blogger Or WordPress – Which Do I Choose?

If you want to set up a standard blog or want to enhance your presence via a website, the era of hand-coding HTML pages has come to an end. All you need to do now is install a CMS or content management system and in no time you can launch a website that has comprehensive Read more>>


Six Irresistible WP Plugins to Create Beautiful Landing Pages

There are many attributes of an interesting blog post and a nicely written blog post is only one of these. In addition to the blog itself, you also need to focus on the quality of landing pages. A compelling landing page is the most important factor that encourages potential visitors to go for the product Read more>>

Practical Tips for WordPress Sites that Guarantee Enhancement of SEO

There is no shortcut to steer high quality organic traffic to any website and one needs to implement fair SEO practices to gain higher ranks in response to key word search by potential visitors. Proper use of WordPress plugins and choice of the right WordPress hosting provider are important aspects of good SEO. Understanding SEO Read more>>

Understanding the Process of Migration of WordPress Site to a New Domain

Individuals with no expertise in coding or understanding about any programming language can hope to build or manage websites owing to user friendly platforms such as WordPress hosting. This is not the only reason for amazing popularity of WordPress CMS hosting platform that is extensively used for creation of compelling and well developed websites that Read more>>

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Relevance of WP Security Plugins & WordPress Hosting for Your WordPress Site’s Protection

More than two third websites from the top ten million sites are backed by WordPress hosting. The sheer volume of WP powered website exposes these to special attention of hackers. Obviously, WordPress is always on its toes by offering regular patches and by ensuring stringent monitoring of risks and vulnerabilities. Tips to harden your WP Read more>>

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20+ Best Hosting WordPress Themes with Full WHMCS Manager Integration 2016

You can choose from any of the following WordPress themes that have been primarily designed for web hosting purposes and for domain registrars. Web hosting turns out to be one of the most rapidly growing industries and cloud services for instance are expected to expand by about 30% more every for the next decade. MaxHost Read more>>

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Is the High Cost of Managed WordPress Hosting Justified?

WordPress is a free and open source content management system written in PHP programming language. Released on May 27, 2003, by its founders, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, it has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world powering more than 60 million websites across the globe. Making its debut as blogging Read more>>

The Truth about Shared WordPress Web Hosting

When you run WordPress on your website, you will need to decide between shared WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting. Shared WordPress hosting is unarguably the more popular of the two and it is necessary to find out the real reasons behind this popularity. To start with, shared WordPress hosting is when a number of Read more>>