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Practical Tips for WordPress Sites that Guarantee Enhancement of SEO

There is no shortcut to steer high quality organic traffic to any website and one needs to implement fair SEO practices to gain higher ranks in response to key word search by potential visitors. Proper use of WordPress plugins and choice of the right WordPress hosting provider are important aspects of good SEO.


Understanding SEO and its relevance
Google aims at providing the most relevant search results in response to queries typed in by visitors. In order to provide highly credible and precise results, the leading search engine leverages highly intricate sequences of algorithms for proper assessment of tags, site content, site availability, page elements, and dozens of other important factors to determine relevance of search results in relation with the search query.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is nothing but a collection of efforts put in by website owners to facilitate Google to help potential visitors find a particular webpage from the multitude of search results.

To be more specific, the Googlebots must be able to find and like your site in terms of multiple elements while these are crawling through the web. This is the primary requirement of the leading search engine to make sure that your site is properly indexed and is searchable. The only other option to find your website from the huge myriad of websites in World Wide Web is to directly enter URL of your website such as in the search window.

WordPress hosting has made thing easier for its users by offering functionalities that are aimed at satisfying Googlebots to guide search engines to easily find your website by analyzing categories, pages, and posts.

High performance WP plugins

WordPress hosting providers offer several useful plugins including Yoast. This feature packed WP plugin empowers you with rapid feedback of Google analytics to help you understand ways to improve keyword placement by following the best practices. It also facilitates proper tagging of images and improves readability ratings of your posts. Yoast is also appreciated for providing users with a preview of SERPs and position of your intended keywords with respect to meta-description, title, and content if backed by dedicated or VPS servers.

Upload images with relevant alt tag

Since Google attaches great significance to images that are useful for enhancement of user experience, you need to use this feature by optimizing images with help of alt tags. These refer to title of your image files and are extremely important for Google indexing. If you are able to include keyword n image titles, then it will facilitate Google to rank your image higher in response to the search for that particular keyword. An image with title of ‘Men’s-white-sneakers’ is bound to rank higher than a typical file name of ‘IMG089776’.

Dump duplicate content

Never ever use duplicate content for different URLs as this would attract penalties. Google respects original content and suppresses ranking of URLs that consist of similar content. Always focus on generating unique, crisp, and informative content to facilitate Google to promote your site in terms of Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs).

Smart use of WordPress categories and tags

Google encourages content that is can be easily found by readers with help of keyword rich categories, tags and so forth. This involves strategic use of WordPress categories. WordPress requires you to categorize your content by relevance and offers an option of using tags. In terms of footwear, the categories could be sports or casual and the tags may be red soccer shoes or jogging shoes.

Enhance effectiveness of permalinks

Readers may find mention of numbers in the title of a post however these have no effect on the ranking algorithms for website of your business. If your blog post reads ‘ 5 best bridal wear styles of this season’ then the permalink can be effectively shortened to ‘best-bridal-wear-styles’. Many times we are tempted to make use of underscore while separating words from each other. Although this can be great habit elsewhere, never use these marks in permalinks. Prefer use of hyphens, since underscoring can result in reduction of page ranking.

Establish robust connections

You can boost your website’s online presence by nurturing it with strong and healthy links established by building and exploiting relationships. This is one of the great functionalities offered by WordPress hosting. BlogRolls and PingBack are offered as out of the box by functionalities by WordPress. These can be effectively monitored to assess influence of external content on ranking of your website. These external relations are valued by Google while determining ranking for your website. These links are also useful for boosting popularity of your website in the online universe.

Associate with trustworthy WordPress host

Choosing the right WordPress hosting service provider is a prime aspect to empower your SEO strategies. Reputed hosts are known to guarantee uninterrupted website availability. Google is also extremely sensitive about page loading speed of your website and the same can be achieved only with state of the art service providers. If you wish to drive high value organic traffic to your website, then your web host must be able to guarantee a rock solid hosting platform for your website.

Optimize keyword frequency

Overstuffing of keywords can have a negative impact on your ranking. Keyword concentration should not exceed 1.5 percent if you wish to rank your content well. Use of keywords should be made to enhance fluency of thoughts in content. You may also get valuable help from keyword generation tools offered by WordPress.





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