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How to choose a WordPress Theme that is both Fast & Appealing

What I am going to say is likely to sound crazy but is completely true: WordPress themes affect your website’s SEO. A theme may not make or break your SEO but it does have some weight nonetheless. Search engines don’t directly judge you on the basis of themes but on the technical and aesthetic aspect Read more>>

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Significance of an Online Store to Save Your Physical Store from Getting Extinct

More and more shops are succumbing to the onslaught of e-commerce revolution since majority of clients prefer online option to purchase merchandise from diverse categories. Brick and mortar shops are finding it difficult to sustain trickling demand and customer support as against increasing costs of maintenance. There is an urgent need to devise strategies that Read more>>


An Ultimate Beginners Guide for Setting up Online Store

Online stores have become a very essential part of today’s sales strategy, no matter whether you are selling software/hardware or handicrafts. In fact, the indigenous handicrafts are looking for a market area to sell their products in the country or outside. This can only be done by setting up online stores so that people can Read more>>