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Significance of an Online Store to Save Your Physical Store from Getting Extinct

More and more shops are succumbing to the onslaught of e-commerce revolution since majority of clients prefer online option to purchase merchandise from diverse categories. Brick and mortar shops are finding it difficult to sustain trickling demand and customer support as against increasing costs of maintenance.

There is an urgent need to devise strategies that could save our good old shops from being pushed to the brim of extinction. It is observed and also confirmed by research that seven out of ten online shoppers hit the ‘add to cart’ button on ecommerce websites because they feel that online stores assure better bargain and a much better value for their money in addition to wide choice and much more in comparison with physical stores or super markets.

We can go on listing a plethora of benefits of e-commerce stores but the fact remains that the brick and mortar stores are in urgent need of revival. The only feasible option is to join them if you cannot fight them. This implies that shops should build their own online stores to gain traction and improve prospects of business continuity.

In addition to improve prospects of generating online sales, shop owners are able to exploit several important features of ecommerce.

Enhancing understanding of customer behavior

There are many parameters of customer behavior that need to be understood for designing strategies to improve sales through improved shopping experience. One such parameter is the number of customers who exit the site by abandoning their e-shopping carts.

E-commerce tools enable shop owners to get deeper insights about customers who leave their sites without purchasing anything at all. In a physical shop it is next to impossible to determine how many shoppers leave without making a single purchase.

It is possible to follow up these customers by generating automated mails to them by using state of the art applications including Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce. The software can also be programmed to entice such potential clients by offering additional incentives.

Improved online promotion

There is a plethora of opportunities for promoting your store on the net. In contrast to your physical store, your online store can use diverse online sales campaigns for improving your customer base and your store’s online reputation.

Shop owners can also leverage cutting edge sales promotion tools to drive their sales. One of the easiest ways to place your store on top of Google search results is to use Pay-per-Click campaign (PPC). It requires you to pay every time your search result is clicked by potential customers and in turn, your site is offered a place of prominence in Google search results. There are many more options for enhancing online visibility of your store such as content marketing and e-mail marketing, just to name a few.

Owners of brick and mortar stores can virtually grow their customer base exponentially by putting the sore online. E-commerce can usher large number of customers would have never bothered to care about existence of your physical store in downtown.

Organic search can be great resource to improve popularity of online store. This can be ensured by using targeted keywords for promoting your store through blogs and other tools. There are multiple features of Search Engine Optimization that can be used by such stores.

Importance of SEO

Search Engine Optimization has gained significance due to that fact that 9 out of 10 individuals who use Google search never look beyond the results displayed on the first page. Naturally, every website strives to climb up in search ranking with an aim to appear on first page of search results in response to relevant keywords.

Appearance of your website in first few search results on the first page means that your website is visible to potential buyers.

Traditionally, search engines offered search results based only on the words that were typed in search windows by users. Modern search engine take into account multiple factors such as back-links, website referrals, and much more.

Search engine optimization focuses on potential visitors instead of blanket audience that is usually found in news-paper, television, or bill-board advertising. Therefore SEO facilitates more value for your money, efforts and patience. This underlines the relevance of SEO for small and medium sized businesses.

Although the process of making sure that your website is ranked higher in search engine results for relevant key words or key phrases is excruciatingly slow, it offers magnificent rewards without spending a fortune. In addition to a multitude of SEO strategies, businesses can also leverage modern plugins including Yoast. This high end plugin helps you analyze your content and recommends ways to impart greater readability from the search engine’s point of view.


It is hardly surprising why so many entrepreneurs are joining the e-commerce bandwagon. The moist important attribute of e-commerce venture is the owner has nothing to lose and instead he or she has everything to gain. In addition to extra business, your store would be visible to people from across the globe.

You will have wider choice to promote your brands to pre-defined segments and generate new leads and add new customers. Most importantly your customers will appreciate your efforts to provide them with a convenience of shopping without leaving their comforts.

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