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Tips to Start a WordPress Website in 5 Minutes

WordPress comes to your mind first when you think of launching a website or blog. This is because this content management system is extremely easy to use and you can even get it from web hosting providers through a one-click installation. So, it is indeed possible to get started with a WordPress site in as less as 5 minutes. WordPress is an open-source CMS which makes it easy for anyone to download it from anywhere to get started. Users can easily edit and enhance its functionalities and capabilities because of its customizability. So, when you start, you may choose a basic theme.  You can then customize it to your liking using the multiple plugins and themes at your disposal. Besides the fact that it is highly user-friendly and customizable, this software is also free of cost. There are no licensing fees but you will need to pay for hosting solutions and for premium themes or plugins. Finally, installing WordPress is simple but for people who are keen to customize it, you will need to have some expertise.

Steps to start a WordPress site in 5 minutes:

To start wit, you are going to need domain names for your websites. When you do not have a domain name, you can register for an URL. You may sign up with web hosting providers that offer domain registration services. Most users will browse through their web host’s page to know about the various hosting plans on offer. Shared hosting is a popular choice because of its affordability. You need to click on the “Sign up for Shared Hosting” option to create your own account. You will need to provide an email address and a password for using the website. You should ideally enter a domain name which you may already have or you can register for a free one. You will then need to select a billing plan, whether by month, by year or a few years.

When the hosting plan has been selected, you must check a box which says “Install WordPress. This will help you set up WordPress in record time. You must then provide your personal details and preferred mode of payments. After this, you need to choose the option “Place Order Now”. This finishes the process for domain registration and indicates that you have successfully signed up for hosting. The installation takes a couple of minutes and you are provided with an email including some extra instructions to configure this new software. It will also have a link which contains your new password. In case you face any trouble during this stage, you can always get help from your web host.

When you have been able to set up a WordPress blog or site successfully, you will realize that it appears quite empty. So, your next job is to choose an appropriate theme and then fill the pages with content. You can log into the back-end by using your login details. This will give you access to the dashboard where you can create the blog title and choose a theme. Selecting the right theme is important because this will decide the feel of the website for the end-users. You may click on the option “Appearance” to find a good theme for the site; you can then clock on “Add New” option under the “Themes” menu to view different layouts, fonts and colors. When you have found an appropriate theme, you can click on “Install.” When you have chosen a theme to make your blog look attractive, you can start to create its content.

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