Cloud Testing

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Cloud testing refers to the evaluation of cloud infrastructure for analyzing the performance of software. Companies conducting analysis in general and load, performance investigation and production service monitoring in particular are countered by various issues like limited budget for testing, short notice of completion of testing, exorbitant expenditure on per test, upsurge in pending test cases, lacking retest facility and geographical distribution include in the tally of problems. In addition, guaranteeing seamless service delivery and preventing power cuts requires testing in one’s data center within and outside its periphery. Cloud testing is indeed a panacea to all such shortcomings. Useful ample storage, fast accessibility of computing resources with scalability, flexibility and security of disseminated testing platform cut down the implementation time of testing of large applications which in turn pave the way for economical solutions.

Types of Cloud Testing:

Following are the sorts of cloud testing that an organization wants to pursue:

- Stress

- Load

- Performance

- Functional

- Compatibility

- Browser performance

- Latency

Advantages of Cloud Testing:

Following are primary advantages of pursuing testing:

- Limit capital expenses

- Highly scalable


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