Cloud Performance Management

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Moving your core IT systems into private or Public Cloud networks doesn’t relieve you from your responsibilities. Now you have to tackle with a different set of technology issues – managing the cloud performance – to ensure that your investments pay off for your enterprise and deliver the efficiencies and Return on Investment (ROI), as per your expectations.

Cloud Performance Management is a practice that evaluates various metrics and benchmarks for cloud systems. By this evaluation, the performance manager gets to know how well a cloud system is functioning and what improvements are required to achieve the optimum performance.

Generally, the performance manager examines the actual performance of hardware or virtual system. In the process, they examine various factors such as signaling, system latency, use of CPU, use of memory, and workloads along with others. By applying this information to the cloud, the performance management learns how data moves from a client’s office or other location across the Web and a vendor’s Cloud Storage systems. They also get to know how that information is triaged and retrieved.