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Email Hosting Service For Your Business

Key Factors You Should Consider While Selecting An Email Hosting Service For Your Business

Regardless of whether you are a large multi-location and firmly established business or a small startup struggling to make your presence felt, it is important to have an efficient and powerful email hosting system in place so that your business communication tasks and processes are never compromised. Ask any entrepreneur about what constitutes among the Read more>>

Attributes of Hybrid Cloud BDR FOR SMBs

Significant Attributes of Hybrid Cloud BDR FOR SMBs

Every organization that is planning an overhaul of its backup and disaster recovery facility needs to think about a hybrid cloud option. Hybrid cloud is an extremely flexible option in contrast to the conventional disk and tape backups. It empowers your IT staff with remarkable flexibility by offering excellent availability and rapid recovery in an Read more>>

Key Trends that will Influence Data Centers in 2017

Key Trends that will Influence Data Centers in 2017

There are many factors that are pushing data centers to perform optimally including greater flexibility and scalability with higher cost efficiency in terms of data center building and operation costs. In fact, the modern data centers are expected to provide features of public cloud solutions such as AWS. Availability of wide spectrum of technology fronts Read more>>

How Can VPS Hosting Solutions Benefit CRM?

How Can VPS Hosting Solutions Benefit CRM?

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is an innovative solution for streamlining the interactions between clients and enterprises. CRM aims to improve the relationships between buyers and companies, finds prospective clients and gets back former customers. This system has been translated into effective software called the CRM software which collects, organizes and managed customer data. When Read more>>

Economical and Other Advantages of Cloud OpEx Model

Economical and Other Advantages of Cloud OpEx Model

Traditional model of on premise IT infrastructure helped enterprises maintain their data in close proximity for better security and privacy. There cannot be any doubt about the fact that on premise model offered assured security of business critical data. However there is an extremely high CapEx attached with this arrangement since the enterprises ended up Read more>>

Top 5 Reasons You Shall Colocate your Servers in India

Top 5 Reasons You Shall Colocate your Servers in India

Prima facie, colocation services are as good as a commodity because these involve nothing more than a data center that provides connectivity and space to store clients’ servers. Since data centers are available everywhere, choosing a data center based on location need not be a matter of concern, unless of course you dig deeper. We Read more>>

Understanding Virtualization Benefits with Focus on Increase in Bandwidth Availability

Cloud computing is the latest buzz in IT circles therefore it is not surprising for many IT infrastructures to adopt virtualization since it is considered as a step towards future adoption of cloud. Virtualization is an extremely cost effective approach to increase bandwidth in addition to explore a wide spectrum of newly available management services. Read more>>

Four Facts That You Must Focus On While Upgrading Data Center Net To 25G

Planning to upgrade your data center net? Here are a few things that you should carefully consider before making the move. There is no alternative to 25G if you want to boost performance and enhance working efficiency of the workload of your datacenter. The backward compatibility of 25G will ensure that you get the best Read more>>

Exploiting Potential of Emails to Drive Tons of Traffic to Your Blog

We must appreciate that email is the most established direct channel for communication and is growing in terms of popularity in spite of amazing technological advances in various modes of communications. The popularity of email has been further boosted, thanks to mobile optimization and other new features that are constantly being added to email’s armamentarium. Read more>>


How SSL Certificate Can Boost Ranking And Bring In Other Benefits For Your Business

SSL which expands to Secure Socket Layer is a commonly-used encryption technology that can be used to transfer data securely from the browser of the user to the web server. Websites that have SSL encryption can easily keep themselves protected from hackers. Public and private encryption keys are generally used to initiate the SSL encryption Read more>>


Growing Demand for Green Web Technology

One might definitely agree to the fact Internet is an integral part of our lives, but have you ever wondered how much power do these web hosting servers consume to drive web pages? An appropriate answer to this question is that hosting of millions of websites on the Internet consumes a substantial amount of energy. Read more>>

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Glimpse of Security Risks Concerning Cloud Computing

Despite of information security concern around cloud computing, this newly coined technology still continues to gain momentum. Most of the organizations aren’t holding back on its deployment, but are often daunted with a pertinent question- ‘Is cloud secure?’ According to a leading research firm Gartner, it is believed that cloud computing is filled with security Read more>>

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Optimize Your Business with Green IT Revolution

Green data centers are incessantly increasing in demand. Green IT infrastructure is gaining immense popularity due to a rapid upsurge in electricity costs, corporate social responsibility and green legislation. Green data center is an energy efficient solution designed to promote a safe and green environment Business. In fact, most of the technology giants are making Read more>>


Cloud Providers Embrace Nonprofit Organizations to Demonstrate Benevolence

Most of the software and technology industry giants have gauged the relevance of reaching out to the nonprofit organizations as a part of charitable acts. Cloud service providers have also joined this league of institutions that have embarked on this philanthropic journey. They have discovered that doing good deeds to others can ensure good for Read more>>

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