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Securing Sites with HTTPS and SSL

Websites which had not been dealing with ecommerce transactions or sensitive data like patient health records or financial data like customer banking information never bothered much about HTTPs or SSL. But things have changed now, and Google itself recommends securing all websites with these protocols. This is not only going to be important for sites Read more>>

How SSL Certificate Can Boost Ranking And Bring In Other Benefits For Your Business

SSL which expands to Secure Socket Layer is a commonly-used encryption technology that can be used to transfer data securely from the browser of the user to the web server. Websites that have SSL encryption can easily keep themselves protected from hackers. Public and private encryption keys are generally used to initiate the SSL encryption Read more>>

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Why An SSL Certificate Is Now Important To Improve Your SEO Ranking

Google recently made an announcement that websites having an SSL certificate can help boost SEO rankings. This announcement has immediately put online marketers in hyperactive mode. It’s not often that marketers get direct SEO tips from Google. But the announcement that secure websites may enjoy a search boost has everyone scampering for SSL certificates. SSL Read more>>


How SSL Certificates Are Essential for E-Commerce

E- Commerce is an expeditiously flourishing industry and is expected to boom beyond specified limits in near future. Business transactions on the Web have allowed consumers to be a proud owner of anything under the sky, and that too in the flick of fingers. The market for a Web based business is independent of geographical Read more>>