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How SSL Certificate Can Boost Ranking And Bring In Other Benefits For Your Business

SSL which expands to Secure Socket Layer is a commonly-used encryption technology that can be used to transfer data securely from the browser of the user to the web server. Websites that have SSL encryption can easily keep themselves protected from hackers. Public and private encryption keys are generally used to initiate the SSL encryption process. Public keys can be used for scrambling information and making it undecipherable to others. Private encryption keys decrypt the message so that it can be read by the intended and authorized persons only.

Why Use SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are being sought-after by all business websites because Google has made it plain and clear that website owners with SSL certificate can boost their ranking. Any site can use SSL, regardless of whether they have personal information or not. Even if your site is devoid of a checkout page, login pages, or any financial or sensitive personal information, you can still install an SSL certificate and enjoy SEO benefits.

The introduction of HTTPS as a search signal was an attempt by Google to make website owners and users aware of the immense importance of online security. The aim was to drive more website owners to secure SSL certificates that can make their websites fully reliable. It can help in making the web a safer place with a larger number of secure server connections and high privacy for online users.


Can Help You Business In Multiple Ways

Google also decided to allow default crawl by search engines of the HTTPS pages to take security of websites to a higher level. HTTPS pages will take preference over others in Google search and will be shown to users by default. Webmasters must now necessarily incorporate security certificates to deliver a great search experience and also to ensure that their boost and maintain top rankings.

But not everything is hunky-dory for webmasters. The realization that SSL certificates come at a cost hits some smaller companies and startups with limited budget hard. It is important to get the SSL certificate from a reputed provider. Getting all the key parameters with the certificate means webmasters will have to loosen their purse strings a bit more.

Cost Factor

For larger, well-established companies with strong finances, this is not a problem. They are only concerned with providing their clients a great browsing experience that does not compromise a wee bit on security. Compromising on security is not an option for any website, big or small, startup or established. If a major breach does occur, the cost incurred will be many times that of getting a SSL certificate – any security breach can happen anytime and to any website.

Types Of SSL Certification

There are some key factors to consider before you buy a SSL certificate. The most important point is that you must use SSL certificates that are issued by the approved authorities. Also, there are various types of SSL certificates available. You must know which one is right for your business type and need. The choices are single, multi-domain and wildcard certificate.

A single-name SSL Certificate is recommended for small business owners, bloggers, and for personal websites. An SSL Plus certificate will help in securing one domain. It will make sure that the information a user accesses on such a website is fully secure and beyond the reach of third parties. The Multi-Domain SSL Certificate is best for administrators or service providers with multiple websites.

Other factors to keep in mind:

• Use 301 redirects for pointing users and search engines to the secured pages
• Use protocol relative URLs to avoid 404 situations
• Engage a web server that supports HTTP Strict Transport Security
• Test your web pages using a reliable and reputed resource

Securing data transfers, especially of the highly secured kind, is what SSL is needed. When users enter sensitive data on visiting a website such as details of their credit card or email or login information, or even personal details, there is a chance that such details might be compromised. By using a secure website, data transfers of a sensitive nature can be done safely and without the risk of information getting compromised or stolen. SSL Certificates are the most reliable form of data security online today.

Visitors to websites can find out about websites that are secure by looking for indicators that indicate safety. Visual trust indicators such as the green bar, the lock sign on the browser which is indicative of the security of the connection to the site. The verification of the website is proven by the trust seals. This is also an important factor that you must look for.

Apart from the SEO value and the positive things that it can do to your ranking, there are a few other reasons why you should implement SSL. Even Google has made it amply clear that SEO and improved rankings are not the only reason why they are encouraging webmasters to incorporate SSL certificate. With enhanced security, the website has to do with providing excellent user experience and this should be a primary motivation for webmasters to implement it.

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