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Optimize Your Business with Green IT Revolution

Green data centers are incessantly increasing in demand.

Green IT infrastructure is gaining immense popularity due to a rapid upsurge in electricity costs, corporate social responsibility and green legislation.

Green data center is an energy efficient solution designed to promote a safe and green environment. In fact, most of the technology giants are making a shift to energy efficient data centers and save onto a considerable amount of money.

Recently, the IT giants Microsoft and Facebook made a switch to use wind energy for the data center operations.

Enumerated below are certain technologies that can help a data center go green:

Data center Infrastructure Management: As per the industry experts Data center Infrastructure management (DCIM) can be listed as one of the optimal techniques to help your data centers go green and efficient. As per a survey conducted by Gartner, DCIM has lately emerged as the most significant area of green computing. It promotes an efficient use of energy resources, performs virtualization and consolidation, optimizes equipment layout and enhances data center availability.

Low Power servers: According to a recent research, data center service providers are opting for more effective alternatives to make their IT infrastructure more sustainable in the near future. These providers are leveraging the low power servers to convert to green data centers. In fact HP and Dell have already introduced their first low energy alternatives that can be efficiently utilized for development purposes in place of commercial deployments. A low power server helps to cut electricity costs along with a drastic reduction in the operating and capital expenses incurred in setting up cooling facilities.

Modular Data centers: Most of the large organizations have adopted modular data centers to augment green IT efforts. Unlike a traditional data center, a modular data center is movable and is designed to provide instant deployment, high density and promote energy efficiency. IT giants such as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs have switched to modular data centers for effective IT resource management.

Cloud Computing: This newly coined technology of cloud computing can also do wonders for organizations that aim to promote green IT efforts, as it ensures a higher rate of CPU utilization. An enterprise that does not experience load during a particular time period can transfer its spare resources to the other organization that needs it.

There are innumerable other techniques such as data center consolidation and virtualization, usage of renewable energy or free air cooling that can be deployed by businesses to go green.

In nutshell, join this green IT revolution and make a difference to the world by making large energy savings.

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