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Transform your Business by Tapping into Public Cloud Potential

Businesses and IT behemoths are evaluating and expanding their use of public clouds to gain business agility and to meet complex business requirements. In order to experience the potential of cloud computing model, it is essential to ensure the interoperability across various platforms along with cogent approach for its management. A number of cloud hosting service providing companies offer wide breadth of alternatives to help business leaders capitalize on the business value of cloud computing.

Public cloud platform offered by industry leaders provide multi-tenant infrastructure as a service to handle enterprise-grade workloads in an efficient way. Additionally, hardware, storage and networking components can be accessed and deployed with utmost convenience. Technically, all these resources are accessible through an application programming interface (API) and a web interface, which includes orchestration options.

According to IDC research report, the investment on public IT cloud services is expected to be more than $107 billion in 2017, and over the 2013-2017, these services will witness annual growth rate of 23.5%, that is, five times of the overall industry.

Cost-effective: Public clouds are cost-effective than private clouds as businesses need not to invest in buying the hardware equipment to handle their critical data and apps. The servers and other IT components are hosted offsite, and allow businesses to rent the storage, compute and networking components in a scalable pay-per-use model.

Scalability: Public cloud hosting platform is highly scalable. It allows business to add capacity and compute when required. Ad hoc and occasional requirements can be easily fulfilled with scalable cloud environment.

Public cloud hosting plans are ideal for the businesses looking forward to slash down operational expenditure to deliver their services. Also, it can potentially slower down IT staffing costs, as servers and other IT components are managed and maintained by the cloud hosting service provider.

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