Server Room

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A Server room is a dedicated room where computer servers are housed in various form factors, such as rack mounted, or in blade or tower enclosures. Generally, these rooms are air-conditioned from where umpteen number of systems can be remotely operated with the help of a remote administration software or KVM switch, such as VNC, Secure Shell, and remote desktop. The complete building or station dedicated to keep servers is known as a data center.

In a nutshell, server room provides operational components and services to operate enterprise class servers. Servers placed in a computer room usually include basic CPU components.

There are number of factors that have an impact on the server room, such as climate. Countries with favorable climatic conditions, such as: Switzerland, Finland, Canada, and Sweden attract many companies to locate their servers at their site. When trying to build a server or computer room, few major parameters should be kept in consideration, such as location, air conditioning, future proofing, fire protection, and redundancy. Additionally, a server room should include several shatterproof prevention methods against natural disasters.


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