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Server Migration

Server migration is when you position your files, scripts and all the other data linked to a website from one from server to another, from the current host to a new host. Migration has its risks but gets somewhat vital at one point because the benefits outweigh the risk associated.

Should I migrate to a new server?

Organizations unwilling to migrate almost always choose to upgrade their servers but can’t do so infinitely. There’s a limit to the number of upgrades that you can perform on a server. Thus eventually you will have no option but to migrate. Should you migrate or instead upgrade can easily be answered if you follow the arguments mentioned below –

  1. If your website has outgrown shared hosting, there is no option but to migrate to a more advanced server.
  2. If you already have a VPS hosting or dedicated host taking care of your website, migration may not solve all your issues. Try upgrading your server first and migrate only when the upgradation did not work out for you.
  3. You cannot technically upgrade from a dedicated server. Choose to co-locate your servers if you need more performance, or buy blade servers instead.

How to migrate to a new server?

  1. Choose whether you want to stick to your current host or want a new one.
  2. Select a web server and a plan to begin with. Tip – it’s good to have some head room (free space) on your server so choose more resources than you would need.
  3. Select files that you want to keep. You can let go of the files that aren’t that important.
  4. Move with caution. Migrate the less crucial files first. Doing so helps ensure that if anything goes wrong while starting, files that are vital to your business remain safe.
  5. Once you have moved all your files, quickly change your DNS to redirect requests to the new server.

Importance of server migration

Server migration is the cornerstone of a website’s development. Migration could be motivated by a number of things but most often it is undertaken to accommodate more traffic on a website.

A website starts out with a shared server, gradually moving to a VPS as it grows. Once it outgrows VPS too, it needs to be migrated to a dedicated server. Without migration you will be left with no option but to continue hosting your website on your current server.

Put simply, migration is important because –

  1. It allows an organization to meet its changing business needs
  2. It helps an organization meet its end goals
  3. It helps bring down the cost of infrastructure

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