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Server Administrator

A server administrator or admin is responsible for the overall operation and maintenance of an office server or network. The admin has complete rights to manage the server. It is the admin who watchdogs the performance of the server, ensuring swift platform for its users to work. The major responsibility of the server administrator is to configure, update, patches, design, administer, install, and optimize servers for accelerated performance of the business applications.

Backing up the server data, providing support and maintenance also comes under the job bracket of service administration. The job of a server administrator may vary from business to business.


An administrator also performs the various tasks, listed below:

- Maintain library of information and keep them abreast of the latest in technology

- Ensures network and server configuration management and maintenance

- Ensuring critical data is backed up at a specified interval of time

- Maintains network maps for the required sites

- Configures, and tests systems & related network hardware in a LAN/WAN environment

- Do comprehensive tests and opt for appropriate technology

- Designs, configures, upgrades, and repairs both wide and local area network hardware and infrastructure.

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