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SiteCake is a simple drag and drop content management system that comes with the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface. It is a very user friendly and effective open source CMS for the small and static websites. Users can publish their content by just dragging it to the web pages. It is designed and can be developed without the need of an expert web developer. The site owners can easily amend, edit any content, switch photos and add videos without much technical skills or assistance of a web editor.

SiteCake Allows the users to drag and drop all content from everywhere including desktop, You Tube, Google Maps, Twitter and more. It works with the usual HTML and PHP pages adding sc-content CSS class to make the content editable. It is a flat file CMS and saves the HTML pages on to the file system keeping the website static. A big advantage with the SiteCake website is that it is faster than even a WordPress website. It caches with CDN servers and enables the websites to deliver content faster. It thus helps in the SEO page ranking too.

SiteCake is an ideal CMS for nonprofit organizations, college projects, restaurants, bed and breakfast motels, law offices, medical clinics etc. It is based on php and flat file CMS and does not require a database. It requires Apache, NGNIX or IIS webservers and PHP 5.4 and later versions. SiteCake being a smaller CMS has not faced much of security issues.


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