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Established in the year 1993, Red Hat, Inc. is an MNC that provides open source software products to the enterprise community. The company is headquartered at Raleigh, North Carolina. It provides several management products, operating system platforms, middleware, applications, support, training, and variety of other services. Red Hat has procured numerous proprietary software applications, and is considered as the largest corporate contributor to Linux.

The company has also contributed in many freeware software projects and made the source code available under the GNU GPL. It holds the copyright under a one commercial identity and markets its user subscriptions. To make users aware and convenient in using open-source software, Red HAT sells its subscription for the training and support. The online publication is produced by Red Hat.

Fedora project is sponsored by Red Hat, a community whose objective is to uplift innovation with the help of public forums and open source software. It promotes the advancement of open source, free software and content.

Also, it works with the non-profit organization (One Laptop per Child) to design, develop, and provide cost-effective laptop to every child in the world. Additionally, Dogtail was developed by Red Hat that is an open-source automated GUI test platform.


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