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RAID 4 is a Redundant Array of Independent Disks standard configuration that utilizes a dedicated parity disk and block-level data stripping across various disks. Since data in RAID 4 array is stripped, the records can be read from any disk. RAID 4 doesn’t require synchronized spinning, and each disk works independently when single data blocks are requested. It is similar to RAID 5, but it doesn’t distribute parity bits. RAID 4 configuration requires a minimum of three disks (two disks for data and one for parity).


Here are Some of the Salient Advantages of Using RAID 4 Array:

  • Good random reads as the data blocks are stripped

  • Bad random writes because for every write it has to write to the single parity disk

  • It is very much similar to RAID 5, so far stripping the blocks the data disks is concerned, but it has only one parity disk.

  • In having dedicated parity disk, RAID 4 is just like RAID 3, but RAID 4 stripes blocks.

  • RAID 4 is rarely used.


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