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RAID 0 Recovery

Usually consisting of two disks RAID 0 is one of the most popular array today because it can be created easily using either tools of operating system or standalone controller. RAID 0 is a non-redundant disk array wherein data can only be recovered when all the member disks are available.

In the event of member disk failure, first you need to image / repair the failed disk before you try RAID 0 recovery.

If the reason of RAID 0 failure is other than disk failure such as, for instance - if a controller failed or you did something wrong with your RAID 0 while administrating, you will have two approaches to RAID0 recovery – Manual and Automatic.

  Manual: In this approach of RAID 0 recovery, RAID 0 parameters are detecting by analyzing data on array member disks with a disk editor. To perform this, you must have a deep understanding of RAID technology, hands-on-experience with disk editors. It also requires a lot of time. So before starting RAID 0 recovery through the manual way, make sure you have ample free time.

  Automatic: RAID 0 recovery using the automatic approach you need to disconnect the disks from the RAID 0. Connect the disks to a PC (preferably directly to the motherboard) and use a special RAID 0 recovery software. This approach is straightforward and doesn't require any specific skill set.

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