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RAID 3 Recovery

RAID 3 Recovery is a process of restoring data in RAID 3 infrastructure. The process uses both manual and automatic measures that enable a RAID 3-type array to recover data and restore operations to normal configuration after an error or failure.

Despite RAID 3 has some advancement at the level of RAID 2, it offers similar solution for data storage. And you might lose data on RAID 3 array as well, due to any of the following reasons:

• Formatting of hard drive accidentally

• Mistakenly deletion of files

• PC reports not formatted error and shows RAW file system

• RAID 3 volume is not readable or accessible in more other situations

RAID 3 array is created by numerous hard drives, and therefore, sometimes, you can recover data from other hard drive as well. Usually RAID 3 recovery needs specialized RAID recovery software. The process of RAID 3 recovery involves reversing the XOR (Exclusive OR) equation of the parity data. The XOR calculation is accomplished through the user data, and is stored on a parity drive. Any data on any drive can be restored by the use of XOR equation.

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