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Operating System

The name itself confabulates the word “operating system”; it is a system, which manages computer hardware resources. For any computer, it is the most important component which performs the task of computer hardware. It is a combination of software, which allows many apps and instructions to perform in the best possible manner. Input instructions get the outcome in the form of output as an OS helps to calculate and deliver the perfect data and program.



Most of the general user-based computers need an OS to perform task fluently. Some scientific and research based computers may not need OS as they work on some specific binary system for calculations. These days even smart phones are being run with the help of various Mobile OS, such as Android and iOS.



Operating system is a tool that ensures different programs and apps run at the same time without any difficulty - multitasking. It also takes care of the security of the software tools incorporated in your computer, curtailing unauthorized access.


1. Real time: Real-time OS responds quickly to the input provided by user. This may be referred as multitasking OS, which allows you to perform various tasks at one go. Some general purpose OS like DOS and LINUX do not use real time operating system.

2. Multi-user: Many users can access the computer at the same time with the help of Multi-user OS. For example: internet server allows many users to access the similar data and also allows them to manipulate the same at the same time from any part of the world. Some multi-user operating systems permit hundreds of concurrent users.

3. Network operating System: This OS runs the server smoothly and equips the server with the capability to manage bulk of data, users, groups etc. A local area connection (LAN) and private network uses this OS; it allows them to share files and printer access to various computers within the network.

4. Multi Processing OS: Such OS uses two or more processors for a single running process. Each processor performs the different task which enhances the speed and working capability of the complied OS. These days you keep on getting the updated version of OS with the enhanced processors like, core-2-duo, dual-core, quad-core, and now we even have Octa-core processors to make our system work even faster.

5. Embedded OS: This works with particular system, and is designed to perform some specific tasks. Such OS is installed there in the ROM of the computer or computerized device. Some examples of this OS are used in electronic appliances like automatic washing machine, microwave, traffic control system etc.

At a broader view, almost all the electronic appliances and computer devices run with high-end and well-equipped Operating Systems, and perform the task in the best possible manner and that too with high processing speed. But till 1960, people did not have the liberty to perform multitasking with the computer, as modern OS phenomenon was not there. But then in 1980’s we came across Personal Computer (PC), and with that OS were designed and launched.

Today, users are privileged to have various OS in market out of which one can choose the best suited for one's PC. UNIX and LINUX OS are referred to as the most secured OS among them. Assembly Language has been used in UNIX. But today WINDOWS OS by Microsoft is the most popular and most used OS worldwide as it provides user-friendly interface for the users to perform their task smoothly.

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