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OpenBSD is a free, highly secure, multiple platform open source 4.4BSD-based operating system based upon the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) for Unix. The primary goals of the operating system are to emphasise on correctness, standardization, security and portability. OpenBSD is maintained by a development team spread across many different countries. The project is coordinated by Canadian located Theo de Raadt.

The newbie are curious to know whether OpenBSD is superior to some other free UNIX-like operating system. Well, it is a topic of endless debate. OpenBSD is a useful operating system. The logo and mascot is pufferfish . In an OpenBSD ,there are multiple number of security features that are either optional or absent in other operating systems.

The source code can be audited for software bugs and security related issues.

Below mentioned are the productive uses of OpenBSD:

  - OpenBSD runs on multiple hardware platforms.

  - OpenBSD is the most secure UNIX-like operating system with a never-ending comprehensive source code security audit.

  - OpenBSD is a full-highlighted UNIX-like operating system available in source form absolutely free.

  - OpenBSD integrates avant-garde security technology suitable for building firewalls and private network services in a shared environment.

  - OpenBSD profits from strong ongoing growth in many areas, offering opportunities to work with emerging technologies with an international community of programmers and ultimate-users.

  - OpenBSD attempts to minimize the need for customization and adjusting.

The freely available OpenBSD source can be easily fetched by CVS, whereas development shots and binary releases can be simply downloaded with the help of HTTP, FTP, rsync or AFS. There are different versions of parts of the base system, such as: OpenBGPD, OpenOSPFD, OpenNTPD, OpenSMTPD, pfsync, spamd, OpenIKED, and so on.

Key Differences between OpenBSD and Linux:

  1) Linux was developed by Linus Torvalds in 1991 while OpenBSD was developed by the OpenBSD project in 1995.

  2) Linux supports architectures such as IA-32, ARM, PowerPC, x86-64, and SPARC while OpenBSD supports architectures like IA-32, SPARC, x86-64, Alpha, 68k, and VAX.

  3) Linux has a monolithic kernel while OpenBSD’s kernel is monolithic with modules.

  4) The package management of Linux depends on its distribution while that of OpenBSD is Ports collection.

  5) In Linux, the update management depends on the distribution, whereas in OpenBSD the update management is done by the source or by binary.

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