Automated Server Snapshot

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Snapshot copy of your entire server is very important to prevent unforeseen circumstances that could hamper business data. In any kind of production and development environment, backups are extremely important to maintain the integrity and high availability of the critical business application. Though, there are many ways of keeping a backup of your data, but Automated Server Snapshot is an ideal option to recover all the critical data.

With the help of specialized software application, let say Vmware vSphere integration, administrators can automate Vmware snapshot that allows users to save the current state of a virtual machine, so they can return to it at any time. For example- With Ayehu eyeShare IT process automation technique, users can take multiple VMware snapshots of any number of servers. It is completely automated process through which users can take snapshots at any time.

Below is the work flow of creating server snapshots:

Read server list from Excel File: The first step is to read server list from excel file in order to identify all virtual servers to be managed. The server list can be in any form such as an excel file, database or text file.

Create snapshots: In the second step, create a snapshot loop through the server list and then create a snapshot for each virtual hosting server.

Execute the server snapshots: In the last step, execute the server snapshot on a regular basis or on-demand (through change request, email or SMS) at any time.


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