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Anything-as-a-Service or XaaS denotes upsurge in the assortment of services available over the Internet with the support of cloud computing. These services are seldom delivered locally or on premises. Also referred to as everything-as-a-service, anything-as-a-service demonstrates the immense prospect for on-demand cloud services and is widely marketed and promoted by global cloud players.

The main objective behind the evolution of XaaS and other cloud services is that organizations can reduce business operation costs and procure specific sorts of personal resources by buying services from vendors on a subscription model. Prior arrival of XaaS and cloud services, businesses used to purchase the licensed software suites and deploy them on site, not to mention they had to buy hardware and connect it jointly to make a room for expanded networks. In other words, they had to do all activities on site, resulting in losing valuable time and money. The emergence of anything-as-a-service eliminates such problems as it is governed by the service level agreement (SLA), where a user and provider collaborate to comprehend how services will be offered.


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