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Plesk or cpanel

Which is more User-Friendly: Plesk or Panel?

Whether it is better to use Plesk of Panel as your control panel is ultimately a matter of personal choice and preference. You will find takers for both these types of control panels and there are always a group of people who are constantly debating about the advantages and drawbacks of each. What really matters in the end is whether or not you find the platform useful for your individual needs.

Both the Plesk and Panel are very alike, having almost similar features. They are both capable of ensuring that your work is done in the most efficient manner possible. For people in the IT sector, choosing the right control panel seems to be a matter of grave importance. How comfortable one is with the control panel interface is what ultimately shapes his decision. Below are given some points of distinction between the Plesk and Panel which will help you make an informed choice:

User Interface: While many may overlook this aspect of the control panel, the truth is that this is what will make a big difference in your choice. Plesk is known for having an impressive and cleaner interface. But, cPanel appears to be far more popular as most people are already familiar with its features and functionalities. It is seen that most of the custom control panels are actually masked cPanel; so, it is important not to dismiss web hosts which offer customized control panels. You will be surprised to see now easy to use these can turn out to be.

Prices: A key reason why many customers have chosen the Panel and not the Plesk is because of the cost factor. CPanel is cheaper and the shared hosting plans offering this are very affordable. The Plesk or cPanel licenses are typically part of the web hosting plans which you buy. But their costs will also depend on the kind of hosting solutions you have signed up for. So, when you buy shared hosting packages you will not need to pay extra for licensing fees. But, when you choose to sign up for dedicated hosting or VPS hosting, you may have to buy the control panel license depending on your preference.

Admin Panel: As far as admin panels are concerned, the cPanel has a WHM or Web Host Manager which is its standard feature. Till the time you buy VPS hosting or reseller hosting plans, you cannot use the WHM. The WHM is meant to assist the server administrator while the interface is for the benefit of the site owner. So, although the WHM and cPanel may be interlinked they have rather distinct interfaces and different logins. In comparison, Plesk has a single login for both users and administrators.

Windows Support: The cPanel will run only on CentOS, Red Hat and Cloud Linux but not on Windows. The Plesk however can add multiple Linux distributors along with its Windows support. This automatically shows that Plesk is more flexible but for those who are using shared Linux hosting plans; this does not make any difference.

Performance: It has been seen that in terms of performance, the cPanel loads quicker compared to the Plesk. This is because the cPanel has always focused on improving site performance and it could do so by reducing memory needed to accelerate page loading speed. The cPanel has also been able to attain faster times in creating accounts and server management tasks.

Migration Ease: Both the cPanel and Plesk have simplified and streamlined the migration process of a website from one to another server. This holds true provided you shift the site via the same control panel. Moving between control panels is not desirable and when you choose one; you must stick to it.

To sum up, both the cPanel and Plesk are secure control panels. They are quick and stable and they offer more or less the same features. Whenever any one of these two has undergone technological advancements, the other has followed its footsteps. So, it is recommended that when you are searching for a web host, you should get one which offers tutorials for both types of control panels so that customers get a better idea.

Your choice of a control panel will be typically influenced by your server’s operating system. But, as a human who needs to use the platform every day, it is always better to select one which will make life easier for you. Both the solutions appear to be feature rich but the one with a more intuitive interface will win the race.

For those who are already using a control panel, migrating the site turns out to be a challenge. When your website has been using cPanel or Plesk, you should refrain from changing the control panel unless absolutely needed. When you do make a switch, you need to understand features of the new interface from right from scratch; else, migration problems can give you sleepless nights.

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