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How to Digitally Change Your Business with the Cloud

The only way your business can survive in a digital world is if it can successfully grow with the changes around it. Enterprises are known to succeed only when they are able to adapt to market trends and new industrial innovations. They have to actively incorporate new technologies within their culture and implement these in their business operations. Survival of the fittest is true of businesses which can embrace digital transformation.

Why are cloud solutions considered for making a company digital?

Reports suggest that by 2018 the CEOs of Global 2000 businesses will include digital transformation as part of their core corporate strategy. Gone are the days when businesses would get one solution and deployed it; the time has come to think of one’s business as a digital company and to picture your future accordingly. So, to bring digitalization to the core of businesses, companies need to recreate their processes centering on their clients. The focus should be on building smart processes to allow businesses to respond towards changes. It is also important to build a positive work environment which will allow employees to achieve more and be more productive. Your aim should be to understand what your clients need and to find out newer ways to communicate with them better. Finally, you must preserve data like a strategic asset. It must be kept secure and used for delivering value. To be able to ensure all these, cloud computing solutions are found to be most beneficial. They will help you to interact better with customers, to empower your workers, to optimize business operations and integrate technology with products.

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Cloud computing strategies that are guaranteed to work:

  • To drive your business forward you can use a public cloud. With this cloud computing model, you have access to many types of services like storage, application etc which are offered by the cloud vendor using the public network or Internet to deliver these. With public clouds you can also enjoy cost-effective resources because the resources are shared. For instance, Microsoft Azure and AWS or Amazon Web Services help companies to get new application servers or infrastructure as and when they need these. With Azure, businesses can enjoy nearly endless scalability so that they are able to create and deploy cross-platform applications. They get the best compliance and security for their applications and can access Microsoft data centers all over the world. AWS, on its part, also helps companies to create a digital change framework so that they can scale up and down their infrastructure and enjoy quicker access to online computing resources. In this public cloud, businesses which demand a higher degree of privacy can also enjoy a particular section of the cloud for themselves. This kind of private cloud computing within a public cloud environment is called virtual private cloud.
  • Businesses can choose a private cloud which is exclusively meant for a single organization. So, with a Microsoft private cloud, a business may be able to deploy an application driven cloud platform. The private clouds will help companies to focus on their business value. They can get support for operating systems, multi-hyper visor environments and application frameworks. The private cloud can guarantee enterprise-grade virtualization, high workload density and better resource utilization for companies. This in turn leads to better business alignment along with a greater focus on delivering value which should be the main goal of any digital company
  • Another option is the hybrid cloud which is a unique mix of the public and private cloud models. It turns out to be a game changer for any company because it can maximize trade-offs. You can get the best performance from the cloud using this solution. Companies can optimize their current assets and enjoy higher scalability and better resource accessibility through a larger cloud infrastructure. By using this form of cloud computing, companies can readily access resources from a public cloud and enjoy the freedom to test new technologies faster. They can also secure data in the private cloud part of this hybrid cloud environment without having to bear any upfront costs.
  • With this digital world the nature of employees and their working habits are also changing. People are becoming more mobile and companies are seeking mobile technologies to boost digital transformations. This results in better process efficiency, higher productivity and better access to information. Employees are keen to use mobile devices to work from anywhere in the world at any time of their convenience. So, modern businesses prefer BYOD programs to support their workers. Enterprise Mobility Suite will help to make digital businesses safer so that there is no unauthorized access to resources and applications. This will also help to cut down costs and improve worker productivity. It will guard against data loss and identity thefts.
  • Finally, a business productivity suite is necessary to help businesses empower their workforce with all latest tools to boost their productivity. Side by side, this will also enable the employees to get a feel of the advantages of a digital workplace. It will becomes easier to connect with employees across various time zones, to offer support to team members outside company firewalls and offer them tools to cater to client expectations better.
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