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Colocation Hosting and Managed Hosting Solutions

A Brief Comparison of In-House Hosting, Colocation Hosting and Managed Hosting Solutions

Depending on how much scalability you need for your infrastructure, you should choose from in-house hosting, colocation hosting and managed hosting. In-house hosting as the name suggests is a state where all servers and hardware are owned and run by the client enterprise itself. So, it is in effect a standalone enterprise. Colocation hosting refers Read more>>

Managed Hosting Or Colocation

Managed Hosting Or Colocation – Evaluate Thoroughly Before You Choose

As IT applications are becoming increasingly vital in ensuring overall productivity and profitability of a business enterprise, they are also becoming more intricate to deploy, operate and maintain. CIO’s now know that to install state-of-the art IT infrastructure that adequately supports business applications require huge capital investment. “In the present highly competitive scenario, we have Read more>>


Adopt Managed Hosting for Healthy Growth of eCommerce Website Business

Managed hosting is empowering large number of ecommerce websites that are using VPS, dedicated, or Cloud based hosting. There are innumerable hosting service providers that are engaged in offering their services for efficient administration of system software, hardware, or operating systems among others. Although there are hardly any differences as far as the basic services Read more>>

Managed Application Hosting Service Provider: 3 Essential Selection Parameters

Technological advancements are surpassing all the limits – surprising the world and at the same time fuelling up the competition among business verticals. And, cloud is a special subset to this advancement. The inclination of corporate decision-makers towards next-generation’s hosted applications is gaining adhesive friction over conventional on-premise software solutions not just because of its Read more>>


Simplify Business Operations With Managed Hosting Services

The advent of Internet is driving the corporate world. It is creating a tough competition among the entrepreneurs to sustain and grow. In a rush to gain strong online presence, businesses are seeking cutting-edge hosting solutions that can make them standout from the rest. For achieving the same, it is indubitably necessary that your server Read more>>

Hosting Server

Managed V/s Unmanaged Hosting – Make a Right Move for Your Business

The world of hosting services is ever evolving. With the advent of Internet, hosting services have emerged as the call of the day. Internet today has become a pertinent platform to share and exchange communication. People often explore Internet for anything & everything. However, the ways of articulating & expressing through Internet, commenced with the Read more>>