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Managed Application Hosting Service Provider: 3 Essential Selection Parameters

Technological advancements are surpassing all the limits – surprising the world and at the same time fuelling up the competition among business verticals. And, cloud is a special subset to this advancement.

The inclination of corporate decision-makers towards next-generation’s hosted applications is gaining adhesive friction over conventional on-premise software solutions not just because of its cost-efficiency but also for its indispensable flexibility and unmatched versatility. Cloud-enabled services are abetting organizations to take up this transition process through swiftest application management alternative.

Even though organizations are embracing SaaS solutions to meet their dynamic business demands, there still are many leaders who are more enthralled to migrate their existing stack of applications to a professionally-managed application hosting service provider to offload their day-today application management activities. It ensures applications’ availability, while providing prompt support to end-users to comprehend how to scale up/down their applications in an affluent manner.

Sensing the future of managed hosting services, many data center and cloud service providers have prudently added this in their list of offerings to deliver the best and stay ahead of the rest in the market. However, the success of enterprise applications depends on the potential of the managed hosting service provider.

This blog attempts to highlight the three selection parameters that every business should consider seeking to meet their unique operational needs:

Trust Factor: Do you know the majority of end-users lose confidence in their application service provider? Reason – Because they lack the infrastructure and expertise to deliver high-end service availability. Well, this is not the case with the managed application service benefactors, however, disruptions may happen that can agitate smooth business functioning. No business wants to fail, and thus, it becomes immensely important for them to ensure that they team up with a managed application hosting provider equipped with latency-optimized data center infrastructure that guarantees best-in-class performance and reliability.

Support Factor
As the competition is rising high, business leaders are struggling to cater to their customer’s needs owing to dearth of expert software developers. For many, hiring and managing a team of erudite software engineers and IT professionals that can help them develop tailored applications and streamline their data center operations is not an easy undertaking. Moreover, a few enterprises find it difficult to focus on their core competencies as their team of IT professionals is mostly engrossed in day-to-day software and system related activities. Instead of building and maintaining their own data center facility, and hiring team of professionals to look after their data center operations, businesses are according third-party services to handle their both software and system related needs.

Managed application hosting service providers not only help in fixing unwarranted issues but also assist businesses with effective solutions to mitigate such issues in future. Experts remain available 24*7 to respond to a problem. There is a host of managed hosting service providers who boast for the services they render and compete on the basis of price rather than on support. Some of the cloud service providers even lack expertise and technical prowess to foster enterprise applications service demands. That’s why, it is important for businesses to team up with a service provider who guarantees quick resolution and have effective disaster recovery strategy in place. Also, check that the provider’s data center facility is armed with high-end monitoring and management tools that offer transparency and provide visibility into their application availability and performance.

Flexibility Factor
Experts believe that the rising interest of businesses towards hosted application services will make them rely on both cloud and on-premise resources to meet their operational needs. Many of these organizations will embrace a combination of public, private and hosted infrastructure solutions to respond to their surging needs. Managing and maintaining these services is not that easy, and thus, smart business players hunt for a service provider that can deliver them the right solutions that include hosted infrastructure and other vital services such as holistically support their business needs. It is important to ensure that the vendor that you are going to choose for your enterprise-class applications has the capability to support your specific application requirements.

In order to stay ahead of escalating competition, it is essential that organizations think pragmatically; focus on their core proficiencies; and team up with a reliable managed service provider that employs capabilities to support evolving needs in a cost-effective manner.

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